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Mazlo Marketing provides branding support to organizations that are truly committed to sustainable impact. We deliver profitable regional and global opportunities that most organizations wouldn’t be able to find on their own.

The sustainable actions our clients are engaged in positively influence the environment, benefit charities, or simply make the world a better place. However, we believe it's not enough to engage in sustainable business practices solely to appear better than your competitors, or to feel better about yourself as a person or as an organization. A real commitment to corporate altruism must centre around the need to actually be better.


When renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow created Maslow's hierarchy of needs, he identified characteristics of the fortunate few who—through hard work, a commitment to learning, and humility—can transcend life's difficulties to reach a point of self-actualization. Only those at this level can be fully present in a world where truth, beauty, justice, uniqueness, and other qualities guide life's journey on a day-to-day basis, rather than the attempt to obtain material possessions or other forms of real or perceived security.

Importantly, Maslow noted that individuals who become increasingly less focused on material needs tend to acquire more wealth over time. With the right help, we believe the same concept can apply to organizations such as yours.

Imagine a world in which more and more corporations and other organizations are committed to a never-ending journey towards ethical, sustainable, and profitable decision-making. Your personal quality of life—and that of your fellow global citizens—would improve, without having to sacrifice any of your or your organization’s drive to succeed personally and professionally.

What can you expect from us? Well, we aren't going to bring you the all-too-common marketing company experience consisting of a few fancy buzzwords, recommending a charitable giving program to score social media points, or using some type of new-age unintelligible marketing speak. We will bring the real work required to inspire you and your team to embrace the practical and social benefits of corporate altruism. We will then implement and maintain sound organizational infrastructure through our distribution and marketing expertise.

Most importantly, you won’t just feel good about the results we deliver. You will be good.

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